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Picture Table Sequence Riddle

Picture Table Sequence Riddle - 1 May

Complete the table series riddle by finding the number that can replace "?".

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2 Matchsticks Equation Puzzle

2 Matchsticks Equation Puzzle - 30 April

Add two matchsticks equations to make below equation true.

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Pj Puzzle

Pj Puzzle - 29 April

Which building got the most stories?

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Logician Bar Puzzle

Logician Bar Puzzle - 28 April

Three logicians went to bar for having a drink.
The bar person asks the logicians "Do they all want to have scotch?".
The first logician replied, " I dont know".
The second logician replied, " I dont know".

What is the reply of the last logician?

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Missing Image Riddle

Missing Image Riddle - 27 April

Which of the eight images will fill the missing image in the puzzle below?

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Science ology Teaser

Science ology Teaser - 26 April

Astrology starts with the alphabet A, Biology starts with B and Limnology with L.

Can you find an "ology" that begins with a P?

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Who Am I Rebus

Who Am I Rebus - 25 April

Can you identify the famous lady(American politician) ciphered in the rebus below?

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